Swanson & Associates health practitioners utilize guidelines from the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) and current pain management research. Our multidisciplinary team of health professionals each address components of need while working closely together. The need for a high level of communication between team members is recognized and supported. Physical dysfunction is directly addressed simultaneously with the treatment of psychosocial dysfunction such anxiety, fear of movement or re-injury, depression and social withdrawal which can accompany chronic pain.

What to Expect

Pain management includes mindfulness, exercise, pacing, relaxation, body mechanics, task modification, problem solving, compensatory cognitive strategies, social skills, and use of assistive devices. In complex cases, Graded Motor Imagery may be implemented. The team works closely together to facilitate adjustment to pain, participation in meaningful activities, improved self-management, physical activity, coping and improved overall functional ability. The services of rehabilitation assistants supplement therapies and facilitate the generalization of skills learned in all therapies, to daily living. The importance of activity is emphasized in order to break the cycle of inactivity and resultant deconditioning.

The core team consists of: