At Swanson & Associates, the rehabilitation program for traumatic brain injuries is evidence based and utilizes a functional approach. Team members have extensive knowledge of, and experience with severe, moderate and mild traumatic brain injury. Our approach recognizes the importance of learning compensatory techniques for functional tasks, but also promotes remediation of cognitive skills. Functional or real-life activities related to the individual’s life roles are incorporated in therapy. Cognitive, behavioural, psychosocial and physical rehabilitation is provided by the multidisciplinary team members. Both adult and paediatric intervention is provided for all levels of severity of brain injury.

What to Expect

Researched methods of cognitive rehabilitation and established models of intervention are implemented from the onset of intervention. Therapies are provided in the home, the community, school or workplace. Rehabilitation assistants support therapist-designed and monitored programs and provide reinforcement of strategies in daily activities. Community integration and generalization of strategies is encouraged through involvement in community programs, interest groups, educational courses, leisure activities and/or fitness programs.

The core team consists of:

  • Case management,
  • Occupational therapy,
  • Physiotherapy, 
  • Social work, 
  • Psychotherapy, 
  • Speech language pathology,
  • Rehabilitation Assistants