At Swanson & Associates our therapists provide a high quality of care, utilizing the Canadian Model of Occupational Performance and Engagement (CMOP-E). Both standardized testing and functional evaluation are utilized to assess the client’s cognitive, physical and psycho-social ability and the impact of deficits in these areas on the client’s occupational performance in his/her pre-injury activities of daily living and life roles. Assessment findings are analyzed and used to develop an individualized program of care.  All occupational therapists at Swanson & Associates undergo intensive training and mentorship to supplement their existing experience.   Ongoing education and mentorship are provided in order to maintain the high standards of care at Swanson & Associates.


A broad range of assessments are available dependent on client need and stage of recovery.


Treatment and consultation can be provided at home, in the clinic, in the community and in the workplace or educational institution, to both adults and children.  Our occupational therapists utilize evidence-based practice and remain current with developments in treatment protocols.  We offer interventions not only to individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents but also to people injured in other ways (e.g. sports, falls), or requiring interventions to assist with independence or home safety.  Our occupational therapists can assist with home evaluations and recommendations for environmental modifications or the safety equipment following a surgery (e.g.: joint replacement or back surgery) or due to a degenerative condition.  For example, those experiencing orthopaedic conditions such as arthritis may require intervention regarding joint conservation techniques or recommendations for assistive devices to help with daily activities.