Following the trauma of a motor vehicle accident, there may be need for mental health support or intervention.  This may be required for the individual directly involved in the event or their loved one, who is trying to adjust to the changes in the injured person’s physical, cognitive or emotional presentation. Our experienced team of health care professionals contribute unique skills to a holistic approach to mental health care.

What to Expect

The occupational therapist works with clients in a collaborative way helping them achieve their goals. The purpose of occupational therapy in community mental health is to increase an individual’s ability to live as independently as possible in the community while engaging in meaningful and productive life roles. The psychotherapist is particularly skilled in supportive counselling both with individuals and families to help improve communication, improve understanding and establish realistic goals. The case manager is adept at analyzing the client’s needs and securing resources and services required for each unique situation. Our physiotherapists understand the physical effects of mental health diagnoses and offer non-pharmacological management of pain and individualized exercise programs, which can improve mood, promote wellbeing and address co-morbidities associated with mental health diagnoses. The rehabilitation assistant may work with clients multiple times per week to help establish routines, practice strategies and provide motivation. All our health care professionals actively participate in continuing education in the field of mental health.