Following a serious injury and extensive rehabilitation, and prior to legal settlement, a life care plan may be recommended to determine the services, equipment and supports, as well as the costs of such, for the remainder of the individual’s life. Our Life Care Plan reports are prepared according to the published Standards of Practice of the International Association of Life Care Planners (IALCP). As such, they are based on comprehensive in-person assessment, data analysis and research. An organized plan for the client’s current and future needs is provided, as well as objective, verifiable cost projections. The recommendations seek to:

  • Assist the maintenance of the client present function and medical stability;
  • Maximize his/her level of independence where possible;
  • Provide assistance with those activities which he/she is no longer capable of performing.
  • Provide defendable evidence to facilitate successful resolution file/ dispute resolution

Life care plans are completed by Canadian Certified Life Care Planners who are also regulated healthcare professionals.