PACE: Post-Acute Concussion Exercise

PACE Program is a parallel group concussion management program designed around a station to station exercise format. This program is co-led by an occupational therapist and a physiotherapist who are present for the 2-hour duration of the program.

This approach is in keeping with the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation Guidelines for Concussion/mTBI Persistent symptoms: Third Edition, published June 2018.

Areas Addressed

  • Cognitive exercise
  • Vision exercise
  • Vestibular exercise
  • Core and Balance exercise
  • Sub threshold cardiovascular exercise
  • Individualized strategy practice

Benefits of PACE Group

  • Group format allows for interaction with others with similar experiences.
  • Strategies are practiced in session.
  • Parallel format allows participants to work at their own just right challenge level.
  • The stations include rest breaks and the use of individualized strategies during program participation is emphasized.
  • The outcome of this program is measured with standardized and self-report tools.
  • Communication with existing treatment teams and a progress report at the end of the program allows for a fluid interdisciplinary approach to treatment.