Vocational programming and intervention is provided for both catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries. With catastrophic injuries, preparation for return to work may commence early on in the rehabilitation process, with the introduction of pre-vocational activities in therapy sessions. As with the educational reintegration program, vocational rehabilitation often requires team support. Therapeutic intervention may include:

  • Skill and strategy development
  • Cognitive or physical work hardening
  • Simulated work programs
  • Consultation with employers, vocational counsellors and other team members
  • Developing, monitoring and modifying a graduated return to work plan
  • Volunteer placements
  • Work trials
  • Developing and implementing job modifications
  • Job coaching

Every attempt is made to reintegrate the individual in his/her pre-injury job, however, sometimes the job analysis, work capacity assessment may reveal the need for a new direction. In such cases, vocational and aptitude testing can be conducted.